Village of Godfrey Illinois

PO Box 5067
6810 Godfrey Road
Godfrey, IL 62035
Phone: (618) 466-3324

Forms Village of Godfrey

Downloadable Forms

Office of Economic Development

Application for Incentives

Parks and Recreation


Department of Public Works

Right of Way/Excavation Permit Application

Mayor's Office


Building and Zoning

Application for Residential Occupancy Permit

Application for Temporary/Interim Occupancy Permit

Accessory Structure Permit
Commercial Building Permit
Building Permit Garage or Sunroom

Occupancy Inspection Checklist
Pool Permit
PRD Preliminary Development Plan Application
PRD Final Development Plan Application
Rezoning Application
Preliminary Plat Application
Improvement Plans Checklist
Final Plat Application
Setback Form
Permits:   Roof     /    Fence    /   Electric Permit    /   Plumbing
Sign Permit Application
Residential Building Permit
Sexually Oriented Business License Application
Sexually Oriented Employee License Application
Commercial Erosion and Sediment Control Development Permit Application
Residential Erosion and Sediment Control Development Permit Application

Application for Special Use

Application for Variance

Village Clerk

Business License Application

Amusement Application

Transient Merchant Application - DOOR TO DOOR
Tobacco License Application
Waste Hauler Application 

Fireworks Application
Freedom of Information Form
Freedom of Information Act Policy
Kiosk Permit Application and Instructions

Solicitation Application - ROAD BLOCK

Raffle License Application

Village Hall Rental Contract

Village Hall Rental RULES

Stop Sign Procedures, Application and Brochure

Handicapped Parking Permit/Placards

New Resident Checklist