Village of Godfrey Illinois

PO Box 5067
6810 Godfrey Road
Godfrey, IL 62035
Phone: (618) 466-3324

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National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System

General NPDES Permit for Discharges from Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems

All files are in PDF Format.  These files are very large, they may take some time to bring up. The Annual Reports must be filed at the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) offices in Springfield, Illinois and posted on the Municipal website by June 1 of each year.  We are required to post at least the last five years of the Annual Reports.  All Reports are available for review at the Village of Godfrey Municipal Hall at 6810 Godfrey Road, Godfrey, IL 62035.

Current General NPDES Permit No. ILR40

General NPDES Permit   Effective Date: March 1, 2016

Notice of Intent

Notice of Intent 2009 (NOI)

Notice of Intent 2014 (NOI)

Notice of Intent 2016 (NOI)

Annual Reports

Annual Report 2008-2009

Annual Report 2009-2010

Annual Report 2010-2011

Annual Report 2011-2012

Annual Report 2012-2013  

Annual Report 2013-2014     

Annual Report 2014-2015

Annual Report 2015-2016    

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