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Village of Godfrey Sanitary Sewer Project – Cured In Place Pipe

Starting on November 1, 2017, the Village of Godfrey has started a $280,000.00 Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP) project, within the Village of Godfrey, to repair some of the aging verified clay sanitary sewer pipes with a company called Visu-Sewer of Missouri, LLC.  All work in this process should be trenchless; however the contractor will have to get access to the sanitary sewer lines and manholes with their workers and equipment.

What is Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP)?   With America dealing with an aging underground sanitary sewer infrastructure, innovation has led to this process that can restore even severely damaged sanitary sewer lines to a newer condition without the need to excavate, tear up roads, highways or structures, close businesses, collateral construction costs etc., that comes with the burden of having to replace underground pipes.  The CIPP process starts with an access point (a manhole) where a new initially flexible PVC infused Liner that is saturated to 100% with resin epoxy and blown into the old pipe using a special machine.  Once the liner is in place, the line is pressurized forcing the liner against the interior of the old pipe.  When the resin has cured, usually in just a few hours, the liner solidifies leaving a smooth and seamless "pipe within a pipe" that will effectively seal of all creaks, breaks, and leaks.  Using a sewer camera and running through the new line the contractor will cut out the outflow of the sewer laterals that are tied in to the main line.

The contractor will begin this project by cleaning, measuring and videoing all of the lines that are to be process, which is being done right now.  Then the liners will have to be ordered.  When the liners are ready for installation, than the contractor will begin the process of installing the resin tubing from the manhole in to the pipe.  The contractor is to deliver written Public Notification to each home and business the day prior to the beginning of the actual CIPP work being conducted on the section of main line informing them of the work to be conducted and when the sewer line will be off line.

Please click the area of work below to see a map with the sanitary sewer lines that will be worked on for this project.  The lines to be process will be in a magenta color.


In front of Belmont Village

Monticello Area (From Mulberry Street to Monticello Plaza)

Godfrey Road (From Airport to Pearl Street)

Mil-Spring Subdivision Area and International Mulch

In Storeyland Subdivision (between Storeyland Drive and Snow White Terrance)

Around Florida Avenue and Orleans Street

Pierce Lane Area (near Enos Lane)

Thanks for your understanding and patient with the Village and its contractor as we perform this work.