Village of Godfrey Illinois

PO Box 5067
6810 Godfrey Road
Godfrey, IL 62035
Phone: (618) 466-3324

Village Departments Village of Godfrey

Frequently Asked Questions 

1.      Do I need a business license to run a business in Godfrey?
Yes. The Village of Godfrey Board of Trustees has adopted a Business Licensing for all businesses operating within the Village of Godfrey.  Every person, firm, partnership, limited liability company or corporation (the Business)  maintaining, operating or conducting any business and or manufacturing from a physical location within the corporate limits of the Village of Godfrey, not otherwise specifically licensed under this Code, and not otherwise preempted from municipal licensing requirements by State statutes, shall be required to have a Business License. For an application, please click here.
2.      What commercial and industrial buildings and sites are available in Godfrey?
For a list of available commercial and industrial buildings, please click here.
For a list of available commercial and industrial sites, please click here.
3.      What is the population and household income of Godfrey?
According to Claritas, Inc., the 2008 population is 16,862 and the median household income is $57,174.
4.      Where can I find traffic counts for Godfrey Road, Humbert Road, West Delmar, and Homer Adams Parkway?
Please click here and zoom in on the Godfrey area.
For more specific information, please contact Mayor Michael J. McCormick, Economic Development Planner, at 618-466-3324
5.      I am starting a business in Illinois, what do I need to do?
Please visit here to view a guide for starting a business in Illinois.
6.      What incentives are available for businesses located in or considering moving to Godfrey?
The Village of Godfrey has an incentive ordinance that can be found here.
A copy of the application for assistance can be found by clicking here.
7.      What is the contact number for the local chamber of commerce?
The River Bend Growth Association's phone number is 618-467-2280
8.      I am looking for another job.  Are there any services in the area that can aid in my search?
Please visit for information.
9.      I need more information about Godfrey.  Who should I contact?
Please contact Mayor Michael J. McCormick, Economic Development Planner, at 618-466-3324.