June 15, 2020 – The Village of Godfrey announced today that the 2020 Concrete Pavement Replacement Project that involved portion of Eagle Pointe Road at the intersection of Brookhollow Road in the Eagle Pointe Subdivision and portion of Snow White Terrace from 4712/4709 Snow White Terrace to the asphalt pavement near Fantasy Lane and all of Happy Drive in the Storeyland Subdivision will be subject to closures during construction time and that during construction there will be no parking on the streets in the construction zone.  Also access to residents driveways may also be restricted due to the nature of the work.  The Contractor will be responsible for all posting and notice of all closures.  These closures will be kept to the minimum amount of time and distance to complete the necessary work.  Please be advised that large construction vehicles will be traveling in and out of these neighborhoods and these vehicles may restrict sight distances along the road.