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Godfrey Village Departments

The departments of the Village of Godfrey are accessible and here to provide you with the information you need.

Mayor’s Office
Village Clerk’s Office
Village Engineer

Godfrey Township Departments

The Dissolution of the Godfrey Township was on May 20, 2019

By the Referendum voted on by the voters of the Godfrey Township and the Municipality of Godfrey on November 6, 2018

Godfrey Township has served the people of our community since 1876.  While the laws and duties have changed over the years our commitment to our neighbors has always been strong.

Godfrey Township provides two required functions to the people of Godfrey.  One function is the General Assistance program.  The other function is property assessment.  Some townships perform road and street maintenance but Godfrey Township does not since our village government handles this function.

Godfrey Township shares the same Board of Trustees as our coterminous village government.  The Town Clerk also serves the same capacity for the village government.  The Township Assessor and the Township Supervisor are each elected to perform the required functions.

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Township Assessor
Township Supervisor


The department of Development is in charge of many things within the Village and Township, including:

Building and Zoning
Office of Economic Development


There are many other duties that fall upon the government, such as Animal Control, Parks and Recreation, Streets and Public Works, and Sewer management.

Animal Control
Parks and Recreation
Streets/Public Works
Sewer Department

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