Frequently Asked Questions

Madison County Multi-Jurisdictional
All Hazards Mitigation Plan Update

Click Here to see Madison County Hazard Mitigation Plan 2020 

Click Here to See Village Of Godfrey Resolution 2020-14 “Resolution of Adoption of the Madison County Multi-Jurisdictional All Hazards Mitigation Plan”

1) What is the Madison County All Hazard Mitigation Plan?
The Madison County Multi-Jurisdictional All Hazards Mitigation Plan evaluates damage to life and property from natural and man-made hazards in the County and identifies projects and activities that can reduce these damages. The Plan is considered multi-jurisdictional because it includes municipalities and other jurisdictions (fire protection districts, schools, drainage & levee districts, etc.) who want to participate.

2) What is hazard mitigation?
Hazard mitigation is any action taken to reduce or eliminate long-term risk to life and property from a natural or man-made hazard.

3) Why is this Plan being updated?
Updating the Plan fulfills federal requirements that provide these benefits:
– Funding for mitigation projects and activities before disasters occur.
– Funding following declared disasters.
– Increased awareness about natural and man-made hazards and closer cooperation among the various organizations and political jurisdictions involved in emergency planning and response.

4) Who is updating this Plan?
The Madison County Multi-Jurisdiction All Hazards Mitigation Planning Committee is updating the Plan with assistance from technical experts in emergency planning, environmental matters, and infrastructure. The Committee includes members from emergency services, industry, municipal, county and state government, health care, planning and development, and law enforcement.

5) How can I participate?
You are invited to attend public meetings of the Madison County All Hazards Mitigation Planning Committee. In addition you are encouraged to provide photographs, other documentation, and anecdotal information about damages you experienced from natural and man-made hazards in Madison County. Surveys will be available at participating municipalities and through Madison County to help gather specific information from residents. All of this information will be used to update the Plan. A draft of the Plan update will be presented at a public forum for further public input.

More information can be obtained by contacting:
Mary Kate Brown, Deputy Director
Madison County Emergency Management Agency
101 E. Edwardsville Road
Wood River, Illinois 62095
(618) 296-5907
[email protected]

Last Meeting: January 29, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. at the Madison County EOC Suite 260, 101 East Edwardsville Road, Wood River, IL 62095

Next Meeting Schedule: April 6, 2020 from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the Madison County EOC Suite 260 location – Format: Open House Public Forum (POSTPONE Due to COVID-19 Outbreak) The group will monitor the outbreak carefully and will make a decision in April regarding a new date for the meeting.  Please contact Mary Kate Brown if you have any questions.

Public Hearing Meeting Reschedule: A public forum will be conducted on May 14th at 2:00 p.m. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the public forum will be conducted via teleconference. Persons interested in participating in the public forum should contact Mary Kate Brown, EMA Deputy Director at 618-296-5907 or [email protected] Individuals can still review this Plan update and comment without participating in the public forum. Click Here for complete Press Release dated May, 4, 2020.