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What is the current building code used in the Village of Godfrey and where can it be obtained?2021-04-01T14:41:47-05:00

The Village of Godfrey has adopted the 2018 International Building Code; the Code is available for inspection in the Building and Zoning Department or Village Clerk’s Office.  To obtain a copy of the code visit the International Code Council website at:

What construction requires a building permit within the Village of Godfrey, and where can the permit be obtained?2018-07-09T14:52:31-05:00

All new homes, additions, detached garages/pole barns, electrical upgrades, plumbing, roofing, pools, fencing and certain interior remodeling projects. All permits may be obtained at the Building and Zoning Office at The Godfrey Village Hall located at 6810 Godfrey Road.

Where can a resident turn in a zoning violation?2018-07-09T14:51:31-05:00

Any resident wishing to turn in a violation may call the Building and Zoning Department at 466-1206.

Where can I obtain information about the zoning of a parcel or district within the Village?2018-07-09T14:51:14-05:00

Any person requesting zoning information may call the Building and Zoning Department at 466-1206.

What are the requirements for obtaining a variance or rezoning?2018-07-09T14:50:56-05:00

If a resident is in need of a variance or a rezoning he/she must come to our office to obtain an application. When he/she picks up the application our office personnel will explain the process.

Do you obtain a sewer permit at our office?2019-11-08T15:09:01-06:00

Illinois American Water handles sanitary sewer permits but we provide a cover letter for Madison County for septic and Norweco systems where sewer is not available.

Is there anything we can do if a neighbor has high grass, inoperable car, debris or property is not being maintained?2018-07-09T14:49:54-05:00

The Village has Ordinances that cover property maintenance so we can notify the property in question and if necessary take legal action.

What is my property zoned?2018-07-09T14:49:19-05:00

This would take a call to the office to be looked up on the zoning map.

What do I need a permit for?2018-07-09T14:49:00-05:00

The following requires a permit: Roof, Electrical Upgrade, Fence, Pool, any Accessory building over 200 square feet.  If unsure call office. 618-466-1206

What is the cost of a Building Permit?2018-07-09T14:48:41-05:00

There are many things that calculate the permit cost. Retail Value, square feet, plumbing so its best if you contact the office and have this information available.

Where can I obtain an Occupancy Permit?2018-07-09T14:48:07-05:00

A resident needs to call the Building and Zoning Department at 466-1206 to obtain an occupancy permit if moving into a new home or renting at a cost of $35.00

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